McLean, VA: PBG is pleased to be awarded a $26M contract to provide professional services support in the areas of portfolio management, strategic and capital planning, integrated master scheduling (IMS), and financial management to the Bureau of Consular Affairs (CA), Office of Consular Systems and Technology (CST).

Department of State (DOS), Bureau of Consular Affairs (CA) facilitates travel and citizenship while protecting U.S. citizens and their interests abroad and fostering economic growth. The Office of Consular Systems & Technology (CST) provides Information Technology (IT) services to support these critical activities and their global impact. CST’s mission is to develop, deploy, and support complex IT systems and infrastructure that serve as the foundation for achieving Consular Affair’s mission at domestic offices and overseas posts, as well as to deliver global technology solutions and provide comprehensive support to all customers and stakeholders.

‘For many years, PBG has supported CA/CST and its stakeholders to successfully develop and implement scalable portfolio and financial management solutions with an unparalleled level of passion and commitment. We are truly honored to have been selected by the Department to continue this support and are thrilled to continue our partnership to advance CST’s mission while enabling CST to “shift focus to modernization while optimizing core services and executing daily activities with ownership and integrity”, says Pawla Ghaleb, CEO at PBG Consulting.

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