Expertise that aligns programs with agency missions, improves project outcomes, and elevates deliverables across the portfolio.

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Managing your organization’s IT portfolio performance after modernizing legacy technologies is a difficult task. When other factors add complexity to this picture, such as integrating new mandates, grafting in changing mission requirements or adjusting for altered budgetary constraints, this becomes even more challenging to manage. PBG has a deep understanding born of decades of expertise successfully navigating Program implementation with government customers to ensure that risk is managed, schedules are met, resources are allocated effectively and budgets stay under control.


PBG’s program implementation strategies and processes are focused and tailor-designed to enable consistent and repeatable structures to be created to support an organization’s unique IT program strategy, align with larger business initiatives and better support mission objectives. PBG provides effective procedures and governance to ensure alignment in the overall mission objective by offering:

  • Project and Program Management Launch and Operations
  • PMO Tools Implementation
  • Project Scheduling, EVM, and Reporting and Measurement
  • Business Process Operations and Optimization
  • Budget and Financial Management
  • Risk and Compliance (CPIC and TBM)

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