Digital Transformation & IT Modernization

Solutions and expertise to make technology vision a reality, delivered with agile processes and the latest technology. 

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Adopting new technologies inevitably brings complexity and additional risk which must be managed for federal organizations. Added to this is the need for government to manage regulatory and compliance mandates for these new technologies, while also assessing the effectiveness of current security cooperation programs and addressing how cloud migrations challenge financial norms and budgets.

Effectively navigating technological transformation while managing these requirements and remaining aligned with strategic objectives represents the core of what PBG offers to government customers ready to evolve and modernize their missions.

PBG Edge

PBG team holds the understanding, expertise and experience needed to innovate, implement and execute IT modernization and digital transformation initiatives with success and efficiency. By truly understanding your unique mission requirements, designing customized implementation plans, and conducting thorough evaluations, PBG helps organizations transform at mission-speed and increase their impact every step of the way. PBG’s IT modernization and digital transformation services include:

  • Enterprise and Solution Architecture
  • Business Process Management
  • Data Architecture
  • Systems and Software Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Visualization
  • Infrastructure Operations
  • Cloud FinOps

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Digital Transformation & IT Modernization